Notice of Scam Job offers

Chaparral Energy

It has come to our attention that outside parties may be falsely representing themselves as recruiters on behalf of Chaparral or claiming to work for or be affiliated with our company.

Often sent from non-Chaparral email addresses and containing poor English, these correspondences let individuals know that their qualifications match an open position within the company and request various amounts of money to pay for background checks, work permits, insurance policies, etc. It is important to note, that all Chaparral applicants must go through our formal recruitment process and will not at any point be asked to provide money or payment to complete their application. Any communications that do so should be considered fraudulent and not associated with our company.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited business propositions or offers from unfamiliar parties, nor should you provide your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know. If you receive such a proposal, you should contact your local police and provide them with a copy of the correspondence.